The following is from The Depot Foundation 2017 Fall Expressions publication.

A sense of place, a place for the senses.

Robert Hofmann


Dickens once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. . .” The times we are now living in mirror this statement. Recently, we have witnessed natural calamity and human villainy on one hand, astronomical wonders and community heroics on the other.

With such extremes, it is often difficult to make sense of it all. The arts can provide us with some perspective on age old problems. The arts can help us see different viewpoints through another’s eyes. Art and culture can help us find our place when chaos seems to surround us.

Your support of the Depot Foundation provides a place to make sense of it all for thousands of arts and culture patrons every year! Because of your support this past year, the Depot Foundation awarded more than $380,000 to Participating Member Organizations (PMOs), who call the Depot their home, enabling these PMOs to educate, entertain, and enlighten all of us through thought provoking exhibitions, engaging theatrical productions, and more.

The Depot is a vibrant center for the leading arts and culture organizations in the Twin Ports. No other place in the region offers the level of creative activity found under our roof, and no other place provides a sense of place and a place for the senses.

When you generously support the Depot Foundation’s permanent endowment fund, you guarantee that this special place, with its many arts and culture organizations, will continue to thrive.

Please join us in supporting the Depot Foundation! Thank you.


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